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General Director

Isaac GNAMBA-YAO an IT Specialist, ePayment Expert and a resource for eGovernance issues.
Isaac GNAMBA-YAO started his career in 1997 in the Access Telecom Group as Loteny Telecom sales associate (Ex Telecel became MTN) before joining Globe Access Internet, a subsidiary of the same Group. In 1999, he was recruited by Cote d'Ivoire Telecom to work on "The Internet Project" of Cote d'Ivoire Telecom.
Isaac GNAMGBA-YAO is part of the 5 people who created Aviso, the Internet of Cote d'Ivoire Telecom ... At the end of 2001, thanks to the nascent concept of "Talent sharing", he participates in Journées de la Net Compagnie of France Telecom in Paris; his presentation speech on the "Internet experience of France Telecom in Ivory Coast: Aviso" in front of about 3000 participants, opened for him the doors of Ivoiris Ivorian Mobile company that became Orange.