ACSC Connect

ACSC Connect

All About Application

ACSC Connect allows the attendees to connect with the fellow attendees and the participants as well.

ACSC Connect will allow everyone to schedule one to one meetings with the Exhibitor or the other attendees as well.

ACSC Connect allows the attendees to communicate each other with Secure messaging.

Our Unique Features

    QR Code Reader

  • Our mobile application allows attendees to read QR codes that might be used in the meetings.
  • Gallery

  • ACSC Connect allows users to view the added photos and even allow user to add photos as well.
  • Around Me

  • Our mobile application has a unique feature that will allow attendees to find out the nearby locations such as Restaurants, Bars, ATMs, Hospitals etc.


  • Branding on login and interior of the application.
  • Banner ads with sponsor name within the application which are clickable and rotating.
  • Branding on Desktop login page too.
  • Social Media feeds that can increase the frequency of visibility.
  • Sponsor will be branded on their special page with the links provided to their services and profile.


  • A different area provided for the Exhibitors with all their relevant details and information so that attendees will know about it.
  • Allowed exhibitors to schedule one to one meetings with the attendees.
  • Create business cards which can be shared with the other attendees such as attendees etc.
  • You can Add surveys and track them.


  • Allows attendees to communicate with each other with secure messaging.
  • Allows attendees to read QR codes that can be used in the meetings.
  • Attendees can view the added photos and even add photos as well.
  • Attendees can find out nearby location such as Restaurants, Bars, ATM’s, Hospitals etc.
  • Attendees can share the session on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  • Attendees can use the social media thread for viewing or posting comments, pictures, documents or videos.

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