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Africa’s Roadmap to the 4th Industrial Revolution: Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity ...

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) takes the form of an increasingly ubiquitous connectivity of our personal lives and business activities. It has been stimulating economic transformation and economic growth around the world. However, the generalization of this mobility and interconnectivity presents a darker side: the increasing transfer of data and operations into cyberspace is accompanied by an exponential growth of cyber security risks.

According to the World Economic Forum, Cybersecurity is one of the major challenges of the 4th industrial revolution(4IR). Cybersecurity lapses in Africa is hindering the growth of its digital economic landscape. In order to counter cyber threats, which slow its pace toward the 4th industrial revolution (4IR), Africa needs coordinated and targeted strategies to implement cyber security-by-design and pave its way to the fourth Industrial Revolution.

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